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 Our strip manufacturing shop contains some of most precise milling machinery available, carefully sourced and set-up over time. 


hectic shop

Being here in the heart of the rainforest & cedar country we have unsurpassed access to finding quality old growth Cedar and exceptional older second growth cedar which very few Canadians east of the western slopes of the Rockies do.

More cedar Another load of …..

personally hand selected Red & Yellow cedar.

full shop

Rather than ordering a lift of lumber sight unseen and making strips from it, we inspect every piece of cedar at the mill for grain tightness, colour and run-out, thus insuring the best strips from the very start. With our two flexible re-sawing lines we are able to resaw any size timber in any direction and dimension to get all vertical grain strips.


We are in complete control of the process from logs to finished strips. But we do not stop there, as our top of the line in house manufactured packaging in the “Totembox”  assures you get your product safe and sound.

Slice & dice  Resawing cedar ……

….for optimum grain orientation as well as the most appropriate strip size.

Grind-1    Precision Grinding

Our in house CNC custom tooling department assures machining accuracy to within 1/100th of a millimeter. Over thirty years of experience in tooling design, machining strips and building cedar strip craft have honed our process in building precise tooling to make awesome strips. Whatever size you are looking for, rest assured that TotemStrips, has what you are looking for.

And after all the hard work of sourcing and prepping the cedar we finaly get to see the results. As you can see,there is much more to it than just milling strips on a machine.

We are dedicated makers, operating and owning our own milling operation. Because of this, we are able to maintain the highest standards. We are the only manufacturer in Canada owning and operating such machinery in the interest of maintaining quality second to none. Our competitors may imply that they own their own strip milling machines but in truth have their product milled by other shops. Any middleman contracting out this procedure to another party, inevitably loses control of quality in machining due to conflicts in interest.

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