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Pricing in Cdn funds. 

Canoe moulds are not included. 

Strips included in the “Totem” Canoe Kits are 1 foot longer than the length of the Canoe.

For example : 16 ft. “Totem” Canoe Kit includes 17′ full length strips. 


12 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 940.00

13 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 981.00

14 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,022.00

15 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,118.00

16 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,222.00

17 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,333.00

18 ft. canoe wood kit….. $ 1,451.00



” Totem” canoe kit includes:

  •   70 pcs.-  1/4″ x 3/4″  full length “Totem b&c strips”, Red or Yellow Cedar & proportion of each is your choice.
  •   1/4″ x 3/8″ x  8′ – 12′  lengths “Fineline” highlight b&c strips, Red & Yellow Cedar & proportion of each is your choice.
  •   4 full length Ash or Cherry Gunnels machined and rounded over. (For scuppering add $35.00 to package price)
  •   Yellow Cedar inner stems & Ash or Cherry outer stems
  •   Ash or Cherry Decks  1 pair of converging grain 
  •   Ash or Cherry Portage Yoke 
  •   “Totem Box” strong back shipping box.


You may change any of the components in the kit & we will adjust the quote accordingly.


” TOTEM” CANOE KITS  offer the long length components that are most economical to ship in a Totem Box when shipping via. ground freight.


This box is 19′ long cantilevering 10 ft. beyond the tailgate! Built tough to take the rigours of shipping which a tube cannot withstand.


All kits are shipped in the “Totem Box”, incredibly strong and insured for the full value of your order!  When packaged in a tube the majority of all freight forwarders only insure for $2.00 per pound.  You get piece of mind with the “Totem Box” built tuff.

Shipping rates vary and are determined at time of purchase.