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The thrill is in the hunt!

We source the richest coloured and highest quality Western Red Cedar available, by visiting smaller sawmills personally. Being here in the heart of cedar country we have great access to this elusive old growth dark wood which very few other Canadians east of the western slopes of the Rockies do.  

The end result is always a trailer full of the richest coloured cedar. This wet cedar in the photo below gives an accurate indication of what it will look like after it is air- dried, milled into strips and wetted out with epoxy.


Trailer full   Another  ……

high quality trailer load of Cedar 


More cedar

Hand selected Red /Yellow cedar.


Rather than ordering a lift of lumber sight unseen and making strips from it, we inspect the wood at the mill for grain tightness, colour and run-out, thus insuring the best strips from the very start.


full shop  Shop full of Cedar 


This also gives us the benefit of sourcing some spectacular pieces of cedar in unheard of sizes as can be seen with this slab in the photo below. We have earmarked it to become a tall carved entrance door or  awesome dining room table. We were thrilled to find it! There is no illusion here as this slab measures 3″ Thick  by  4′-0″ Wide by 16′-0″ long being 3′-6″ wide at the top! weighing approx. 360 lbs. dry! 


IMG_2231   Awesome slab of cedar


This reclaimed fifty foot “float home” log produced many high quality Red Cedar bead & cove strips. Every reclaimed log leaves one more of it’s standing live cousins in the forests absorbing CO2. Don’t let this old totem sized log fool you. Once the sapwood only one inch thick, was cut away we found the most beautiful, supple cedar underneath waiting to be reborn in numerous projects.


50' floaters-1  Reclaimed log from “float home”


Occasionally on our forays we stumble across prime downfall logs when visiting tucked away shorelines or by hearing of them from locals.  You never know what you might find.  


Red Cedar downfall  when is the next high tide?


We also obtain high grade Yellow Cedar cedar logs. Sometimes we come across a rare Yellow Cedar log as shown below. Milling it into strips for boats which will last for many years seems far better than seeing it milled into shingles for roofing or decking material.


ShakyYellow Cedar   Yellow Cedar half log


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