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Full length “Totem” Cedar b&c strips were used by Mr. Fraserbrough in Germany to build this beautiful canoe.


All full length ” Totem Strips are unscarfed, consisting of high grade tight grained vertical grain cedar with ZERO run out. While others say “little or no runout”, we mean “no runout”.  We invite you to shop about and compare.


All 1/4″ – “TOTEM STRIPS”  – 12′ to 20′  are shipped by ground freight

W. Red & Yellow Cedar Bead & Cove Strips  – pricing in Cdn funds                          

 Lengths  12′-15′  16′  17′  




 19′ +


 “Fine Line”   1/4″ x 3/8″ .40/lft   n/a     n/a    n/a    n/a
 1/4″ x 5/8″ .50/lft .55/lft .60/lft  .65/lft   .70/lft
 1/4″ x 3/4″ .55/lft .60/lft  .65/lft  .70/lft   .75/lft



W. Red & Yellow Cedar Square Edge Strips  – pricing in Cdn funds

 Lengths  12′-15′ 16′ 17′ 18′ 
 “Fine Line”   1/4″ x 3/8″ .30/lft n/a   n/a   n/a
 1/4″ x 5/8″ .43/lft .48/lft .48/lft  .48/lft  
 1/4″ x 3/4″  .45/lft .50/lft   .50/lft .50/lft



Red Cedar Square Edge Strips – ready for you to bead & cove!


Below is Tim Morphy’s  15′ canoe in progress ……….




      and  Tim’s Finished Canoe – Great Job!