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Welcome to “Totemstrips”, your West Coast source for awesome cedar strips.

We offer the most economical, and diverse line of Cedar Bead & Cove strips available any where in North America. 

We are sure you will agree that our strips are “Top of the pole”, second to none.


New!   our   ” 4 minute canoe “  video is now online. 

We have been milling our cedar strips for almost 3 decades with precision and quality being of utmost importance first and with large production capacities to match. Be it 4 minutes or 6 minutes to produce all the strips for a canoe or 5, or 10 strips at a time, the real issue is quality control. 

You will find that “TotemStrips” and only “TotemStrips” shares and passes our savings on to you offering North America’s finest strips at the finest prices.

Here in the rainforest in BC we have access to spectacular cedar, and coupled with our cutting edge milling processes, are able to meet any volume demand. Well.. almost. Honestly speaking cedar is no longer as plentiful as it once was and larger volume orders can no longer be based on only one length for convenience, but a random assortment of different length bundles. All strips in each bundle are the same length. We do not discriminate against  shorter lengths under 16 feet as we consider all tight grained old growth cedar of different lengths to be special and sacred.

Export enquiries for distribution are welcomed and encouraged. Please contact us for details.


Great pricing on  “Courier ” Cedar Strips!


Golden straw


We produce these strips in many different sizes and lengths for canoes, kayaks, rowboats or any other project you are building. We manufacture larger bead & cove planking for yacht construction as well as Saunas and Hot tubs.